The Census Online!

Your household is eligible to complete the Census online. Your participation is important for national development. Completing the Census Online is easy!

  1. Have the information provided to you by the Census Taker
  2. Click the button below
  3. Enter the information provided in the required fields in order to access the questionnaire
  4. Respond truthfully and accurately
  5. Mark the questionnaire as complete and submit it


Appoinment with census taker!

You can schedule an appointment for a Census Taker to administer the Census questionnaires face-to-face if you received a Census Notification Card but want to complete the Census in person. Click the tab below to schedule an appointment.

What if I have questions/need assistance when completing the questionnaire?

You may contact STATIN or the Census Taker assigned to your community using the information provided on the notification card that was left in your mailbox/at your house. You may also send an email to

CALL: (876) 630 -1600  |  WHATSAPP: (876) 553 – 7613

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